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Spain - A different place

Spain is well-known by anyone because of its history, art, bullfights, Flamenco, beaches and so high average sunlight hours per year. However, Spain is not only that but it also has something else. This country has been one of the most important cultural centres of the whole Europe for many centuries.

Many cities and even most of its misplaced regions offer the visitors a large number of monuments of great worth: those valuable for their antiqueness and those for their artistic significance. We will not forget those great natural beauty spots part of this ancient peninsula, which are worthy of mention as well.

Spain has been always described with the trite expression "Spain is different"; but now we ask, Spain is different from what? Of course, it is different from everything: from Europe, from the whole world and, what it is more, it differs from itself. Spain is a country of contrasts, which was even known as "Little Europe" because of its great diversity of landscapes, that often remind those of remote places of the European Continent..

Every region, every city within different regions and, sometimes, every town, likewise, show a contradictory and fascinating reality at the same time. Our piece of advice is that visiting Spain is the best way to know it: by being around in greater depth, you will have your own opinion about what Spain really represents. We would like to help you to find out any of the unknown aspects of the so-called expression "Spain is different", by offering you the following web-sites.

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